“Klub 2022″

“Klub 2022” is a support association for the WOC in Sprint Orienteering, which takes place in Kolding, Fredericia and Vejle in the days June 26-30, 2022

WOC in Sprint Orienteering 2022 is a huge task that is solved by the members of the local clubs on a voluntary basis, therefore we need all the support the local business community, groups and individuals can give us.

By subscribing a membership of “Klub 2022”, you support both the WOC in Sprint Orienteering 2022 and the local youth work of the club that has sold the membership.

A membership costs DKK 2,200 and of this amount, DKK 500 goes to the local club.

As a member of “Klub 2022” you get access to the following:

  • Place on the official WOC Tour website https://tour.woc2022.dk/ with name / logo, and

you can insert a link directly from the name / logo to your company’s website.

  • You receive regular newsletters about the WOC event.
  • You get the right to call yourself a “Klub 2022” member.
  • You get the right to use the WOC 2022 logo in connection with your own marketing.
  • You get a WOC “Klub 2022” sticker to sign with, for example in the rear window of the car, so that you

help to make the WOC 2022 visible.

  • In connection with the finals, you will have access to a grandstand at the start and access to a separate

area with the possibility of refreshment.

  • The first 100 members of “Klub 2022” will have a numbered and signed WOC art print made by the artist

Kristian Forum Jørgensen.

Interested in membership? …. then contact Karl Kristian Terkelsen, karlkt@post4.tele.dk


The following supports the WOC in Sprint Orienteering as “Klub 2022” member: