WOC Tour – spectator races

The arranging clubs of the World Orienteering Championships 2022, organised in the Triangle Region in Denmark, are pleased to invite you to the WOC Tour.

We offer you the possibility to combine 6 days of orienteering in varied terrains, with the exciting experience of watching the orienteering world elite fighting for medals in the streets of Kolding, Vejle and Fredericia.

WOC Tour comprises 3 sprint races and 3 forest races in the vicinity of the towns where the WOC 2022 competitions takes place. No forest race is more than 30 minutes away from the Event Centre in Kolding and the three sprint races are organised in the same three towns that accommodate the WOC 2022 competitions – and on the same maps.

Apart from the WOC Tour races and the WOC 2022 competitions, there are plenty of other things to do in the Triangle Region. Wonderful landscapes, historic towns, LEGOLAND, the Jelling Monuments UNESCO Heritage Site and the third stage of Tour de France, just to mention a few.

Please navigate your way around on the homepage to learn more about the WOC Tour and be convinced that you should put WOC 2022 and the WOC Tour on your calendar for next summer.

Follow the elite and join the big orienteering festival – registration is in full swing!

Follow the elite and join the great party

3 days sprint

– Three fantastic and versatile cities, Kolding, Fredericia and Vejle host the competitions. They all have old historic city centers with a cobweb of backyards, alley ways and smaller streets and they represent the beginning of Danish history with a lot of cultural attractions.
– The WOC2022 arenas will be within walking distance or shared with the spectator race arenas.
– Prizes for overall winners.

3 days forest

– Varied terrain ranging from open heathland, inland dunes, coniferous forests to hilly beech forests with ample under growth. All maps drawn by the WOC2022 mapper.
– The races are held within a 30-min drive from the WOC2022 Event Centre in Kolding and with short distances to the WOC2022 arenas.
– Prizes for overall winners.

What to explore?

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